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Track NameCalifornia Outdoor Recreation Foundation podcast
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"Ride With Respect"

Listen to Paul Slavik, President of the California Outdoor Recreation Foundation, as he discusses the issues of environment & OHV with the American Motorcyclist Association.

Riverside County has long been a hub for Off-Highway Vehicle companies and owners. 


The County of Riverside has been diligently working towards providing its residents an OHV Park Facility for several years. 


With increased development and enhanced environmental protective measures in Riverside County, finding the perfect location to develop a successful and sustainable OHV Park Facility has become an increasingly difficult task. 


With this Feasibility Study effort and on-going support from California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Department, the Riverside County Regional Park & Open-Space District hopes to find a suitable location for an OHV Park Facility for future generations to enjoy.  

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